Sunday, September 2, 2007

Forni di sopra

The ride to the train station in the morning made me think that I packed too light this time. It was quite chilly and I was glad that I included an undershirt at the last moment. Things were rolling basicaly fine for the first 100 km from the train station at Jesenice to Tolmezzo with just one incident, when I hit a pothole going down in badly lit gallery before Tarvisio. It was a hard blow and bang, but there was no visible damage to the wheels or rest of the bike and luggage. After Tolmezzo I had to start pedaling. I guess I got out of practice, since I mostly coasted down from Kranjska Gora, and I started to feel the dreaded bicycle bonk. Obviously, two Sneeker bars were not as energertic as advertised on TV. In Forni di sopra I stopped for a sandwich and after another couple of kms, just before the first pass, I checked into a pension that looked cheap enough. The todays temperatures were around 18 degrees, but I still felt a bit cold, especialy on dowhills after a sweaty climbs. After dinner I cut off the lower part of the undershirt which was just soaking with moisture and cooling me down.
Day 1: 150 km.


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