Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Prato dello Stelvio

The yesterday's descent continued to Bolzano, where I followed the signs to Merano and ended at a no-cyclists sign on top of the viaduct and at the start of the motorway. Just beneath me was a cycling path following the river and going in the right direction. If only I had a rope to land down. Instead, I spend half an hour walking back and searching for the turn off to the cycling path. Once I've found it though, it was fast, peacefull ride among the inviting ripe apple orchards. In Merano another hour was spent to find the way to Vinschgau valley and then again a cross-orchards route followed for about 50 km to the Prato dello Stelvio - the starting point of the big event tomorrow.

Day 3: 115 km. Total 413 km.


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